One of the things I like most about private yoga lessons is Abby. She makes yoga fun and I love that she teaches how to change poses in order to make them work for the level you are at and I never feel silly if I have trouble getting into a pose. Also she listens really well and that is awesome. I also like how each session is tailored to what my needs are at that time. I love the one on one to make sure I am going into poses correctly and how Abby can work with me to get more of a stretch. It’s also wonderful that she is able to work around my schedule. I love that she sends an email after we have done something new in order to help me remember what we did and how to do the poses. That has really helped me when I am practicing on my own.

There is a lot I love about private lessons. But in a nutshell having one on one with Abby to really have a tailored routine and a personal interaction and not be just another student in a class are the best 🙂

Ashley J.

Abby’s yoga class is the perfect way to wind down after a long week through a series of challenging but doable poses. It’s a chance to relax into poses and let gravity do the work for you while you gently stretch both body and mind. Abby is dedicated to her practice and to her students. She offers clear step-by-step instruction and offers enough modifications and options to satisfy all levels in every class. Best of all, she is approachable and doesn’t take herself too seriously. I would take yoga classes with her again in a heartbeat if only she weren’t 1,900 miles away.

Tracie M.

The energy Abby brings to class is positive and approachable, with a solid undercurrent of being down-to-earth. Her encouragement is mixed with wit and allows you to be serious enough to challenge yourself, while simultaneously realizing the ridiculousness of being serious. She is one of those rare teachers who can help both the beginner and the advanced. Her teaching and spirit have touched my life and influenced my practice.

Kim P.

I was fortunate enough to have several private yoga sessions with Abby. Abby’s ability to explain poses and body alignment so clearly that even a physical klutz can understand makes her gentle yoga a pleasure.

Joi K.

Abby is one of the reasons I feel back in love with Yoga.  After practicing for a bit and then taking a multi-year break, I took Abby’s Mellow Yoga and Flow classes and remembered why a good teacher makes all the difference.  She’s great at making adjustments for practice levels, body types, and flexibility.  Her patience and desire to make sure her students get the poses is really wonderful.  She’ll stop class to really explain the pose, encouraging students to modify in order to get the perfect downward dog or chaturanga.  It’s that encouragement that made me continue on taking classes with Abby and being better and more comfortable with my body and my practice.

Dina H.

Abby’s fun, informative class is taught in a friendly relaxing, no pressure manner. It has helped to calm the inner aggressive side that I can longer calm with sports due to physical limitations. Not only are my physical and mental spirit more at ease but her class has helped me to refocus on my spiritual connections with the earth and god. I am on a journey of personal rebuilding/rediscovery that will take some time. Abby’s class and professionalism are supportive of this journey.

Chris G.