Private Lessons


Would you like to start practicing yoga but worry that group classes might not be a good fit for you?

Private yoga lessons may be the way to go. My specialty is tailoring yoga practice to work best for the bodies we have, not anyone’s idea of a standard or perfect body. Yoga can help you reduce stress, sleep more soundly, improve muscle tone, flexibility and balance, and reduce pain and inflammation. Just let me know what you’re struggling with, whether it’s stress at work or a nagging injury or a chronic health challenge, I would love to design a yoga practice to help you find relief and create more ease in your life.

Truly, the single best way to develop a home yoga practice that accomplishes everything you need it to as efficiently as possible is through private lessons. I love teaching them and my students love how quickly they learn and see real progress in their range of motion, energy levels, fatigue, and pain relief.

My teaching style is totally down-to-earth and relaxed–nothing too new agey or woo-woo. After each lesson, I will send you a follow-up email summarizing what we practiced and including pointers to help you practice on your own. Wouldn’t it be amazing to learn specific yoga practices, chosen and adapted just for you to help you feel nourished and relaxed?

Email me at to schedule your free consultation!

Pricing (75-minute lessons)

One student: 4-lesson package $260 + NMGRT

Two students: 4-lesson package $360 + NMGRT

Sliding scale pricing is available on a case-by-case basis.