Yoga at Work

DEC_0522Yoga is a wonderful addition to your company’s Employee Wellness Program, or a perfect place to start if your company is just beginning one!

A 45-60 minute lunch hour yoga class will help employees feel relaxed, refreshed, and clearheaded for the rest of their workday.

Here are just some of the benefits office workers notice from yoga practice:

  • more alertness throughout the workday–especially during the usual after-lunch slump!
  • more comfort, greater range of motion, and less tightness and pain from sitting still all day.
  • improved sleep– a good night’s rest makes for a productive day at work!

More generally, yoga practice helps people improve their balance, flexibility, strength, and coordination.

A recent article in Corporate Wellness Magazine points out that offices with good wellness programs report less attrition than offices without good wellness programs. Did you know that Johnson & Johnson calculated that every dollar they spend on corporate wellness saves them $2.71?

What is a Workplace Yoga program like? How does it work?

I would be delighted to help you design a Workplace Yoga program that works for your company. My specialty is teaching yoga geared toward working, busy adults who aren’t always as active as they’d like to be and often have very limited experience with yoga. I am a believer that yoga is a tool we can use to lower stress in our lives and loosen up the tension in our bodies from our sedentary lifestyles. My workplace yoga classes are relaxing, down-to-earth, and practical.

Here are some of the options we could customize for your company:

Duration. Classes could meet for a 6-8 week session with clear start and end dates. Employees could be asked to preregister for the session in advance. Other options include sessions of longer or shorter duration, or ongoing classes.

Location and Setup. I am happy to come to your workplace in the Albuquerque area and hold classes in an empty meeting room or other suitable space. I can bring a few yoga mats, but I will ask that either the company purchase some mats for the class (yoga mats can be purchased very inexpensively online) or that students bring their own yoga mats.

Timing and Frequency. Classes should be held at least once a week. Good times are often during the lunch hour or around 5 p.m., right after work has ended for the day. Employees can relieve stress from the workday and still be home by dinnertime. Would another time of day work best for your company? I’d be happy to discuss it with you!

Costs. There are a few ways to structure the price of the program. The company may want to pick up the tab and hold classes as a free benefit to employees. Or, the company could arrange the classes and provide the space but have the employees pay. A third option is to split the difference between employee and company contribution. Pricing depends on the class size and the frequency and duration of the program. Prices generally fall between $10-$12 per student per 1-hour class, with a minimum class size of 6.

Corporate Workshops.

Is your company holding a retreat, conference, board meeting, or other event? A yoga workshop can be a great addition to your corporate function. Begin a day of meetings with a yoga practice, and your participants will feel fresh and clearheaded. Or take a break from your sessions around lunchtime or in the early afternoon to practice yoga and your attendees will have improved circulation and feel more alert all afternoon.

I would be happy to plan a workshop or yoga class to help your company make the most of your corporate functions!

Want to learn more about Workplace Yoga?

Email me at, or send me a note on the contact page! I would love to plan a yoga program with you!