I was on TV!!

So, I was on TV the week after Thanksgiving, in a segment where I was graciously allowed to natter on about body positive yoga for three whole minutes! It took me till the other day to get my paws on the DVD and get it slapped up on youtube, but here it is, finally!


The TV spot was really cool. Everyone at the TV station was really nice and helpful and happy to do a few takes when I lost my train of thought. The studio was fun too–one side was set up as a living room, with a couch and a coffee table and stuff, and then in the middle there were the cameras. On the other side of the cameras was a kitchen set, presumably for cooking segments, so the cameras could stay in the middle and just turn around to film the living room or the kitchen.

The TV spot was a lot of fun to film, and thanks to the internet, now I can keep it forever!



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