Curvy Yoga is Coming to Albuquerque!

I’m calling it Albu-Curvy Yoga.

Yes, I do think it’s cute.

Right now, I am working on nailing down a space and a time, and my next step will be making flyers and putting them up in bookstores and coffeeshops.

I’ve decided to venture out on my own and rent studio space myself rather than teaching in a studio for a few reasons. First, my student base isn’t practicing yoga in studios. I love a friendly yoga studio, but they can be intimidating, and I think that going to a yoga class when you’re not in the habit of going to yoga classes is pretty intimidating already. I want to lower entry barriers to yoga wherever I can. It’s been my experience that yoga can be hugely beneficial in all kinds of ways (sure, it’s great for flexibility and balance, but that’s really the tip of the proverbial iceberg) and I want to make the practice as accessible as possible.

What is Curvy Yoga?

Curvy Yoga is yoga for people of all shapes, sizes, body types, ages, whatever. Yoga has a reputation for just being for people of a certain age, color, and body type, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We practice yoga because it makes us feel good, and there are easy ways to adapt the practice to the bodies we have, without feeling like we have to change our bodies to do the practice. I completed my certification with Anna Guest-Jelley of Curvy Yoga last year.

Curvy Yoga is about adapting poses for bodies rather than bodies for poses, but it’s equally about approach and philosophy. I believe that yoga is a tool we can use to feel more calm and comfortable in our everyday lives, and that it can help us stay healthy and strong for decades.

Coming Soon!

So, if you live in Albuquerque and have been wanting to try Curvy Yoga, or if you’ve never heard of Curvy Yoga but would like to give it a try, keep an eye out! Details will be posted here first, but I’ll be slapping flyers around town wherever anyone will let me! I look forward to meeting you in person and practicing with you!


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